Tables of Ramadan - موائــــد رمضان

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The concept is very simple : grab a camera and take a picture of your food table or a lovely gathering around your table in Ramadan.
Want to participate ? Just hit the "Submit your table" button, click on "+" then "Upload item". WE LOVE FOOD !

Ramadan’s the most favourite month among Muslim communities all the over the world. 
It is also the month when tables are garnished with various sorts of food and meals. Every region has its own culinary traditions and brags about making the most delicious dishes. 

Are you proud of your mum/dad for making the table look perfect ? Are you proud of yourself for being able to make your own table while you’re away from home and family ? Have you decided to take your iftar somewhere else, somewhere unusual ? 

 Take a picture and submit it here . We’ll take care of the rest :) 
Ramadan is coming, happy Ramadan y’all !